Can you hear the dogs playing? That’s one of the best sounds you can hear while at Paisley. The gated off-leash dog park is a centrepiece to this community and it’s complemented by tons of greenspace the whole family can explore.

But the varied greenspace is only the start of what makes Paisley a sustainable community. From infrastructure materials to landscaping practices and even some of the community features all work towards a neighbourhood that keeps the environment front and centre.

Paisley DSC_2304

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Roads and More

In every Brookfield Residential community, topsoil and road management explicitly focused on making the best use of the materials already present. This means a smaller carbon footprint – because there’s no need to manufacture and transport new materials.

Our sustainable practices start with the soil. While developing the land we build our homes on, we reuse all the topsoil moved during the land servicing process. This provided us a better depth for the homes’ land base. The ground is steadier and better supported for the families moving in.

Our recycling practices extend right to the roads. Many of these undeveloped areas still had roads running through them. We take the road material that’s already there, crush it up, and reuse it as the base for the new roads.

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Protecting the Natural Landscape

Keeping vibrant plant and wild animal life in the community is important in all our communities. We want trees to grow, grass to stay healthy, and flowers to bloom and to do that, we need to make sure we don’t adversely affect the movement of wildlife.

We use naturalized landscaping around the storm ponds and other green spaces. This allows for less frequent maintenance, saving on transit and other carbon producing equipment and allowing geese, insects, and other transient wildlife a place to settle peacefully.

Sustainability is a deliberate part of each of our communities. We understand the importance of green and sustainable initiatives to ensure the health of our planet. With each new community, we discover new ways to ensure our developments have as little impact as possible on the planet.