Dogs have their day—every day

Paisley was designed with its four-legged residents in mind. Our Edmonton dog park features two play areas—one for large dogs, the other for smaller breeds. Both play areas feature agility features like:

  • Hound Hurdles

  • Tire Jump

  • Teeter-Totter

  • Weave Poles

Paisley Paisley-DogParkImage

Dog-friendly homes

Paisley PaisleyDog5

Paisley takes dog houses to a new level. Pet-friendly home options make life easier for dogs and their humans.

Pet doors

Say hello to an accident-free life. Our homes are equipped with pet doors that let pooches come and go as they please with no need for a doorman.

Wash stations

Built-in wash stations in each of our homes make it easy to give your dog a quick rinse when a trip to the park results in muddy paws.

Pet food cabinet

Keep food dishes tucked away with a built-in cabinet. It’s a clever solution that cuts down on spills and stumbles.

Dog run

Installing a run in your backyard gives your dog a safe space to get some exercise. It gives you a clever way to keep floors clean when you move in before the landscaping is complete.

Come check out the dog park

You don’t have to live here to romp here. Dogs—and their owners—come from all over the area to play and socialize in Paisley.

Paisley Paisley Dog Park Map

Follow the pack

Paisley and its dog park are easy to find but hard to leave.

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